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Innocent Man in Florida's Dungeons Needs Your Help!

John Merritt, a 46 year old White man in Florida's custody can be proven innocent with DNA testing, and cannot get a judge to order it be done.

On March 2, 1982 in Columbia County Florida, a man was found shot dead in his home. Details of the crime were reported on the front page of an April, 1982 edition of the Lake City Reporter. in 1986, Merritt was convicted based on the testimony of 2 convicted felons who claim he confessed to them. They avoided steep prison sentences for crimes they had done by saying that.

Merritt had piss-poor legal representation, and no forensic experts ever told the jury that over 100 latent prints and hairs from unknown persons found at the crime scene were not Merritt's.

Luca Harvey, the ex-wife of one of the two, Gerald Skinner, told her cousin Darlene Johnson that Gerald told her that he and Greg Hopkins (the other state witness) killed Mr. Davis. But Luca was too scared to admit that in a 1989 deposition, for fear Gerald would kill her.

Does anyone know where Luca is at now? If she will tell the truth currently, she could help set an innocent man free. Anyone in Columbia County or elsewhere who Greg Hopkins and Gerald Skinner told that they lied on John Merritt, please contact John with what you know.

In this case, hair was found on shattered glass fragments from the broken window that is the way the killer gained entrance into the Davis home, and Merritt is exhaustively trying to get that hair DNA-tested to prove his innocence - and cannot get any Florida judges to cooperate.

Merritt has written the Innocence Projects, dozens of newspaper reporters, countless politicians, numerous TV talk show hosts and newscasters, to no avail. No one cares, no one replies, no one gives any assistance... and an innocent man sits behind bars fuming at the callousness of a society that has the most powerful form of scientific proof available - DNA testing - to clear a man, and he cannot get it ordered in his case. Is there anyone; anyone anywhere who cares; and will help him come free of this grave injustice?

Please, please give him your ideas, suggestions and moral support. And those who know he was lied on in Columbia County but have kept quiet; it is never too late to do the right thing. You can make it right with your soul by contacting him now at:

John Merritt   058704 Fl-109L

Gulf C.I.

500 Ike Steele Road

Wewahitchka, Florida  32465

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